The Atherton Hotel and Rancher’s Club were sure to be packed this weekend for homecoming. Parents, alumni and fans came out to support the Cowboys this weekend against Nebraska. The game did not end too happily for the Cowboys, but I know I can speak for myself and my friends that we still had a great time!

Football game dates are posted on the Atherton’s Web site for convenience because football weekends are some of their busiest. From what I’ve heard from my cousin, a graduate of OSU, and my boyfriend, a crazy fan, these weekends get booked months in advance. My boyfriend once told me the Atherton is booked for Homecoming up to a year before the game. I don’t know if that’s true, but I wouldn’t be surprised!

The Rancher’s Club has special game day hours from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m., which although are limited left perfect timing for people to go get a delicious meal before or after the game Saturday afternoon. All this business in the Atherton and Rancher’s Club surely had the student employees hard at work! My old roommate, Gabriella, is an HRAD major and has worked at Rancher’s Club. I’ve worked in restaurants before, but what I noticed was different about Gabriella’s job was that she told me everyone would stay until everything was done. In my experience, everyone had their own responsibilities and when those were taken care of, you could leave. This teamwork aspect is important and contributes much to the hotel and restaurant’s success, especially during busy weekends like this one.

Unfortunately, our Cowboys didn’t pull through this weekend to beat the Cornhuskers, but hopefully everyone still had a fun time, and I’m sure Rancher’s Club and Atherton enjoyed their pop of business!