Outside the Atherton and Rancher's Club

Now for my favorite topic of this blog: the food.  I love food. Doesn’t everyone?  Of course, most of the food I eat is ready in less than 5 minutes in the microwave.  Oh, the college life!  Fortunately, OSU opened The Rancher’s Club, a luxurious dining option for Stillwater students, residents and visitors.  From perfectly cooked steaks to homemade pasta, The Rancher’s Club knows exactly what it’s doing.  And the best part is, OSU students are doing it!

My mom’s friend who I previously mentioned, now a sales manager at the Colcord Hotel in downtown Oklahoma City, told me about students’ roles at the restaurant.  During lunchtime, students run the restaurant.  They apply what they learn in front- and back-of-house courses to operating the restaurant.  Students act as hosts, servers and student managers.  During dinnertime, they serve as the wait staff.  They are the best of the best, as The Rancher’s Club prides itself on having some of the best service in Stillwater.

Chef Marc Dunham shares his talent through the OSU YouTube channel by putting on an online cooking show, “Play With Your Food,” where he cooks a different dish every episode. This keeps Dunham connected with Rancher’s Club fans and encourages them to try some of his cooking techniques. Dunham was also featured on Tulsa news station KRJH’s Fun Food Friday, where he talked a little bit about the restaurant and prepared a quick salad that viewers could try at home!

Besides the great service, the food is amazing. I’ve been for the breakfast buffet with my mom and sister, and a couple times with friends for dinner. I was impressed every time and can’t wait to go back! Hopefully my roommate has some extra meal plan money at the end of this semester…