The Atherton Hotel has been a tradition for Oklahoma State since 1950.  When it opened, the hotel was known for its chilled water running from the faucets. It’s hard to believe that cold water was ever so treasured to make a hotel famous!  The Atherton has held famous guests such as Presidents Truman, Ford, Carter, Reagan, Bush and of course…myself! I stayed in the Atherton with my mom and sister last year and it was a great experience!  Our room was gorgeous and the stay was a treat, as I’m not accustomed to staying in upscale hotels!

The Rancher’s Club is another fine experience at OSU.  Another upscale, enjoyable environment at OSU, The Rancher’s Club is home to friendly service and exceptional dining.  I have been twice this semester, once with my boyfriend and a couple of weeks later with my roommate.  Both times, I was very impressed.  There were different crowds each time, from students my age to professors and alumni my parents’ age.  I’m not used to fancy restaurants either; my most visited restaurants at home were Charleston’s (my workplace), Chili’s and Taco Bell…not quite the same environment!  Of course I greatly enjoyed my filet and homemade pasta at The Rancher’s Club and can’t wait to go back for more!

To me, the most important aspect of the Atherton and Rancher’s Club is the fact that they are student-employed.  Both are learning centers for students in the Hotel and Restaurant Administration program at OSU.  It’s great to provide students of the HRAD school hands-on experience in an upscale environment in which they might like to work one day, as well as other students, faculty and alumni a place to have a wonderful meal and stay!