Comment #1
“Catfish (2010),” by Aiden R.
I saw this trailer online and heard about the movie from my cousin just a few nights ago, and she insisted I see it.  It looks really interesting and definitely a good insight on how easy it is to be fooled online. When I watched the trailer on YouTube, someone in the comments mentioned the fact that the girl was 8 years old and I was crushed because I thought the ending had been ruined for me…is this not the case? Either way, I really want to see this and hope it will be playing in a theater in my area!

Comment #2
“I Loved The Social Network,” by Jane Pollak
I’m guilty of being somewhat addicted to Facebook, so I was excited for this movie the first time I saw a preview…my only fear was that it wasn’t going to be as good as the previews made it look. I went to the midnight showing and I absolutely loved it! I felt like the movie did attempt to portray Zuckerberg in a bad light, but I still loved his character. I loved his intelligence and wit that he didn’t even realize he had, and I especially loved the fact that he really didn’t care what people thought of him even if he was being a smart-ass. Overall, I thought it was a great movie and definitely worth my time and money!

Comment #3
“The Ranchers Club…not just for people with suits.” by Nick Morris
I’ve been to The Rancher’s Club a few times and thought it was amazing! I stayed in the Atherton with my mom once last year and we had the breakfast; it was pretty good, but I prefer the steaks for dinner! I had always thought of it as a fancy sit-down restaurant too and both times I’ve gone for dinner I’ve dressed up, but I’ve always seen students in everyday clothes and it never seems to be a problem. I think that’s a cool part of the restaurant…it is “fancy” but doesn’t necessarily demand a certain crowd. Anyone (in any clothes) can go and enjoy a great meal!

Comment #4
“Dancing IS a sport..” by MIranda Wright
I danced from when I was about five years old to when I graduated high school two years ago, and I definitely agree with you that dancing is a sport! I don’t know how people can say that it’s not; it’s obviously a workout! Dancing got me into shape and kept me there my whole life, and I’ve definitely noticed the difference since I stopped after high school. I also tried everything–ballet, jazz, tap, hip-hop–so I completely understand that it does take strength and endurance to dance multiple times a week, just as with football, basketball or any other “sport.”

Comment #5
“Zumba your butt off,” by Rylie Alexandra
I went to my first Zumba class last weekend and I LOVED it! I wasn’t so brave as to grab a skirt, but I did allow myself to let loose and have fun! My instructor told us at the beginning of the class it was up to us whether we had a good time, and she was so right. I also went to the class by myself and was a little nervous beforehand, but I just followed the instructor and danced and did the best I could. I think Zumba is a great way to let loose, have fun and feel sexy. I had so much fun and I’ll definitely be going to more Zumba classes in the future!

Comment #6:
“Speed limits: A myth?” by drivingmsmiranda
I definitely agree that speed limits are seen more as suggestions than actual obligations. I’ve gotten pulled over for going 78mph in a 65mph zone and wasn’t given a ticket. I was pleasantly surprised, as that was the first and only time I’ve been pulled over for speeding. Despite speed limits, everyone seems to choose their own when on the road, whether it be much faster or (annoyingly) slower than the posted speed limit.

And I have to add, school zone speed limits of 25mph are pretty ridiculous, especially on main roads. I’ve been in parking lots with 5mph speed limit signs posted. I don’t think I could drive that slowly if I tried…

Comment #7:
“Unhooked and Unsettled: Scared of Marriage,” by Nicolle
It’s natural to be afraid of relationships and marriage, especially if you’ve been surrounded by unhealthy ones your whole life. I’m very lucky to have parents that are still together, as well as aunts, uncles, grandparents, etc. and have had great examples of healthy marriages all around me. I’m currently with a guy I’ve been dating for 2 years and couldn’t be happier. I do believe I’ll marry him, but I’ve seen friends’ relationships fall apart that thought they’d last forever. It does scare me, but I just have to trust in my heart that he is the one for me and I’ll be able to trust and love him forever.

And I make him watch Katherine Heigl movies with me! Chick flicks will never get old, even if I’m taken! 🙂

Comment #8:
“Breakfast couldn’t be any better.” by Nick Morris
The first time I went to Rancher’s Club I had breakfast too! I’d stayed at the Atherton with my mom and sister and a breakfast buffet was included in what we paid for the room. I thought it was great! I love breakfast food, and theirs definitely did not disappoint!

But you’re right, breakfast does not show the full potential of The Rancher’s Club. I don’t know if the lunch and dinner menus are the same, but I definitely recommend steak! It’s some of the best I’ve ever had, if not the best. The potatoes au gratin are really good, and both times I’ve eaten dinner there I’ve started out with a half order of pasta for my appetizer. I love pasta, and Rancher’s Club’s is homemade and so good! I hope you enjoy your lunch or dinner!

Comment #9:
“It Will Get Better,” by Quest & Ali (CNN)
I applaud Joel Burns for sharing his story and putting a very personal touch on the “It Gets Better” campaign, which I think is great. To hear of such young people taking their own lives breaks my heart; no one should be put down and bullied to such an extent for being who they are. I am disgusted by the Norman City Council meeting Burns mentioned, as I am from Oklahoma and embarrassed by whatever was said that led to yet another suicide. Once again, I am so proud of Burns for sharing his story and hope that it gets through to gay people, young and old, who feel that they are not accepted, that you will find people who love and accept you for who you are. I do believe that it will get better.

Comment #10:
“Honesty is…usually the best policy,” by Debra Rich Gettleman
I think you were right to tell him after it had been brought up in front of him, but I wouldn’t have that it was wrong to keep it from him had it never come up. He always would have wondered what his brother was talking about, but I think it’s okay to keep certain things from children until they’re at an appropriate age. I’m 19 and I don’t know (or want to know) all the things my parents did that they haven’t told me about…they did grow up in the ’70s after all! Haha. I completely agree with you that honesty is USUALLY the best policy!